Visually match short sequences across multiple time series.


Sacramento & Colorado River:
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Salt-Tonto-Verde & Colorado River:
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Upper Colorado River

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Upper Colorado River>> Factors that influence Water Year Streamflow

This tool allows a user to prescribe a set of conditions that lead to water year flow at Lees Ferry. All data are for the upper Colorado River basin, span 1906-2012, and have been transformed to percentile values.

To use the tool, adjust values in the bar graphs under the time series plots. The three bars allow sequences of up to three years to be specified. For a single year, use only the last bar in the top three bar graphs. For example, setting the NovSoil to the 50th percentile or less, OctApril P to the 75th percentile or less, and MarJul T to the 50th percentile or more results in Lees Ferry flow for the same water year, for all years that meet those specifications (28), to be shown in the histogram LeesWY. In this case, water year flows are skewed to lower values, with no values greater than the 70th percentile, and 15 cases with flows at the 20th percentile or less.

The data are described below.

"NovSoil" is November soil moisture storage modeled using the McCabe and Wolock water balance model (data from Greg McCabe).

"OctAprP" is October through April total precipitation from PRISM gridded data.

"MarJulT" is March through July average temperature from PRISM gridded data.

"LeesWY" is Colorado River streamflow at Lees Ferry for the water year.